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Activity-led friendship app, Socially, to supercharge people’s social lives in UK

UK, January 2023. For immediate publication and review.

New app, Socially, that enables its users to organise 1-2-1 and small group social activities with like-minded strangers for friendship has just launched on iOS, with Android landing early 2023.

Current friendship platforms are merely extensions of dating brands and function in much the same way - swiping based on looks (has a negative impact on self-esteem), message-based (time consuming, difficult to manage multiple conversations with high ghosting potential) and, despite all the time invested, rarely lead to actually meeting up and therefore developing any meaningful connections.

Socially has taken a fresh approach. Users connect with others based on their mutual interests and can then organise meetups through the platform to enjoy them together, allowing friendships to develop much more organically. If users don’t meet their new BFF’s straight away then that’s OK, they will still have made valuable local connections in which to challenge to future games of tennis, enjoy a yoga class or run together, connect virtually for gaming or a group quiz or for any other activities they wish.

The way it works is simple. Users post an activity on the main event feed (in-person and virtual activities can be created) and interested users then request to join with a single click or they can search by interest and connect with others directly. For safety and privacy, messaging can only take place between connections or those who've agreed to meet. All users must sign-off on a code of conduct before using the app and they have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone found to be in breach of this code.

Co-Founder and CEO, Darren Newman, created the app concept after a long-term relationship ended and he relocated. He explains “Organising activities with existing friendship groups was difficult due to location or juggling hectic home and professional lives. I didn’t know anyone nearby to play the sports I liked, enjoy a beer or two in the local on the weekend or to try new things. I joined the local gym but approaching random people and suggesting a drink, movie or bread-making class would have been creepy. I decided to create an app that made organising social activities between like-minded strangers - and hopefully developing new friendships as a result - not just easy and convenient but also ‘normal’ and without any awkwardness.

Socially users won’t have to sit at home feeling bored, lonely and frustrated as I did – they will now have numerous social options available to them”.

The app is free to use and available UK-wide.

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